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Basstrix Lures is located in California and is owned and operated by Bruce Porter. Bruce Porter started making baits in 1996.

Please see Outdoor Canada’s GordPyzer’s interview with Bruce Porter from a 2009 Outdoor Fishing Annual.


Basstrix Lures manufactures the following lines:

  • Flash-Trix

  • Loca-Motion Worms

  • Bait Fry, Blue Gill’s

  • Paddle Tails

  • Fat Minnow

  • Fat Minnow Soft Jerk Baits

  • Paddle Tail Extreme Vibration

  • Spin Trix Paddle Tails

  • Glass Minnow/Loca-Motion Worms with eyes


Click here for more information on the products!


Check out some Soft Jerk Baits!

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