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Blade-Runner Tackle is located in California and is owned and operated by Richard Tietz. Richard is a Top Californian Bass Tournament Angler. Richard created Blade-Runner Tackle in 2002.


Blade-Runner Tackle manufacturers the following:


Spinner Baits

Tora Spin with Basstrix

Buzz Baits single, double blades

Hollow Swim Inserts

Weedless Swim Bait Head

Tail Spinner

Chin Spins

Guppy Spinner Baits

Craw Spins

Craw Jigs

Craw Jig Trailers

BFH Rocker Jigs


Weedless Paddle Head

Rocker Jigs & Star Flash Skirts

Stand Up Head-Tora Tube

Weedless Stand-Up Head

Swim Bait Head plus

Swim Spins

Spin Trix-works excellent with Bass Trix

Squid Jigs

Jigging Spoons


Click here for more information on these products.


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