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CSI Global Distribution is proud to sponsor James Marshall and Martin H. J. McPetrie from the Strictly Fishing Ontario Team. Looking forward to a great 2014 season!

James Marshall
Strictly Fishing Ontario Team
Current: Pro-Staff & Field tester for CSI Global Distribution
Age: 18   Location: Southern Ont, Canada

Residing in Burlington Ontario, James has spent the last 10 years as an avid angler fishing mostly migratory species such as salmon and trout in Ontario's many great tributaries and watersheds. When introduced to carp fishing, James quickly took to it and continues to pursue carp and the many great aspects of carp fishing to this day.


James has always had a very strong passion for fishing. Carp fishing in particular has become a large part of his life. He also is involved in many great organizations such as Carp anglers Group that promote the safe catch and release of the worlds greatest sport fish. Now sponsored by CSI Global Distribution and Carp Zoom, James will be testing and using the great array of products that they have to offer whenever he is on the bank.

Martin H. J. McPetrie
Strictly Fishing Ontario Team
Current: Pro-Staff & Field tester for CSI Global Distribution
Age: 37   Location: Southern Ont, Canada

Born and raised in Burlington Ontario in the 1970's, Martin has spent a lot of his childhood fishing many of the creeks, streams and shores of Southern Ontario's great waters and lakes. In 2004 he was introduced to the amazing world of Carp fishing. For the last 10 years, Martin has spent his time fishing for not just Carp but Trout and Salmon as well from the southern tip of Ontario to the great St. Lawrence River.


Always open to meeting and teaching others, Martin has always been a very strong supporter of family and child involvement in this amazing outdoor activity and sport! He is currently takes part and is a member of various groups such as CAG (Carp Anglers Group). Martin has also been involved in the CanAm Carp Championship over the last few years and is now involved in the organization of the 2014 CanAm Carp Championship which is being held on the St. Lawrence River coming this summer.


Sponsored now by CSI Global Distribution and Carp Zoom, Martin McPetrie will be involved in field testing tackle and gear for various different fishing types and areas. He will also be using, testing and promoting CSI's great line of baits and attractants from Carp Zoom!

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