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World Classic Baits is owned and operated by Magdalena Ludwinska. World Classic Baits is dedicated to provide the best bait products to the carp anglers in North America. All of our products are made in USA from the best quality ingredients.



World Classic Baits offers now:


  • Carp groundbaits - "Erni's Method Mix"

  • Protein boilies

  • Pop-up boilies

  • Hook bait boilies

  • Jumbo Corn

  • Dips

  • Boosters

  • Concentrated flavors

  • Boilie base mixes

  • Additives for boilies making



Contact us for Product Catalogue


WCB products are heavily tested by professional carp anglers in American waters and are very successful. WCB has participated in many Carp Tournaments and have won and placed in many US Tournaments.

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